Lawyer Skills

Lawyer Skills

As a lawyer, there are a lot of general skills that you need besides just a knowledge of the law. These lawyer skills are helpful for almost all people to know. I sat down one day and started to brainstorm those skills so I would have a list and can work on them individually, read about how to improve those skills, and practice them.

The Lawyer Skills List

Calm – Keeping cool under stress – ex. breathing exercises, exercise, meditation
Communication – clarity in communicating
Story telling – hook, engagement
Public speaking – presentation, voice hands body
Persuasion- motivation
Organization – like exhibits
Fast learner – techniques-
Research – know where to look
Creativity- brainstorming
Logistics – helps with witness, expert, evidence, discovery, case management
Cross examination
Focus / concentration
Time management
Goal setting / planning
Critical thinking
will power
time management
attention to detail

Empathy – getting into the head and emotions of others
People skills – listening
emotional intelligence

Additional Knowledge Areas:

In addition to skills there are things you should know outside the law in order to practice better.

Knowledge Areas
-judgement / decision making
-behavioral psychology / know blind spots

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