Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer

Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer

There are a lot of common questions that people have when deciding to hire a Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer. This post compiles and answers many of these common questions. The key thing to know is that if you were hurt by another person’s dog you probably have a case and you should get a dog bite attorney consultation.

Why Hire A Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer?

It’s advisable to hire or at least consult with a dog bite lawyer because there are traps and pitfalls that you want to avoid. For example there are deadlines to file cases and it changes depending on who the defendant is. Also a dog bite lawyer knows common defense arguments and how to avoid them. For example if you delay in getting treatment or fail to report the dog bite, the defense attorney will use that against you. What you put in a dog bite report can be used against you.

For these reasons, it’s better to have a dog bite lawyer involved early on and taking the steps necessary to maximize the recovery in your case.

Finally most dog bite lawyers work on a contingency basis which means you don’t have to pay them any money upfront and they get a percentage at the end. In other words there’s really no downside in at least consulting with the dog bite attorney.

What is a Dog Bite Lawyer?

A dog bite lawyer is a lawyer with education and experience in handling animal attacks. A dog bite lawyer also has an understanding of animal attack common injuries and which medical providers can best help.

You want to make sure that the lawyer is licensed in the state where the attack occurred. The law can be a little bit complicated on that issue but again best to consult with a lawyer.

You generally don’t wanna hire just any type of lawyer because dog bite law is unique and has some special elements and requirements. It’s better to hire an attorney with expertise in that area.

What does the Dog Bite Lawyer do?

A dog bite lawyer will protect your rights and take action to ensure that you get the maximum recovery on your case. This usually begins with notifying all necessary parties and determining whether there’s insurance.

For example, the dog bite attorney will contact the dog owner and find out if they have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. A dog bite attorney will also likely ensure that you’re seeing the right doctors including whether you need to see a reconstructive surgeon, a psychologist, or psychiatrist to diagnose and treat any psychological injuries.

Where Can I Find A Dog Bite Lawyer?

Our office handles dog bite cases in California. In other states you can try searching the Internet and investigating the attorney’s qualifications, education, and expertise and in particular with respect to dog bites.

When Should I Hire A Dog Bite Lawyer?

You should hire a Dog Bite attorney as soon as possible. That way the attorney can help you with the preliminary investigation as noted above including confirming whether there’s insurance helping you notify animal control and helping you get the medical treatment you need.

Can a Dog Bite Lawyer get Money for Medical Bills?

Yes. Even if you have health insurance you’ll likely have to pay some co-pays, deductible or other money out of pocket. The dog bite lawyer can ensure that you get those medical bills paid recovery for your co-pays and money for future medical treatment. For example, if you need a future reconstructive surgery you want to make sure any settlement considers that future expense.

Can a Dog Bite Lawyer Get money for Lost Time from job?

Yes. Ideally you would start by getting medical treatment. Your medical provider should give you note confirming that you should not go to work. Then your dog bite lawyer would use the doctor’s note when negotiating your case. Also, your dog bite lawyer would use your employment records to confirm the amount of money you’re making and the days missed. This would then be submitted to the dog owner or the dog owner’s insurance. If this evidence would be presented at trial.

Dog Bite Lawyer for Attack But no Bite?

Yes you should still hire a dog by lawyer if you were attacked by a dog but there was no bite. even if there’s no bite the attack and knocked to the ground Cozz pain suffering and emotional distress. There may be hidden injuries that need to be evaluated by a medical professional. A dog by lawyer can help you investigate those injuries and make sure that you’re fully compensated

Dog Bite Lawyer for Bite that Doesn’t Break the Skin?

A dog bite lawyer can also help with cases where there was a bite but it did not break the skin. Sometimes there may be other types of injuries like psychological or crush type injuries that can cause a lot of pain. This would include a crush injury that causes nerve pain. A dog bite lawyer can help make sure you see the right medical provider so your injuries are fully evaluated.

Does the Dog Bite Lawyer Report the Dog Bite?

Yes. The dog bite lawyer can help you report the dog attack or bite to the necessary authorities including animal control and the police if necessary. It is helpful and generally a good idea to consult with the dog bite lawyer before filing these reports because anything you put in them can be used against you in your case.

For example, if you put in the animal control report that you suffered no injuries because you’re feeling fine but you did have some physical and ongoing psychological injuries – your statement will be used against you. Sometimes people say that they don’t have injuries because of adrenaline or they are still in shock from the dog bite.

How Does the Dog Bite Lawyer Handle the Case?

A dog bite lawyer will usually begin with a thorough investigation including contacting the Dog Bite owner to determine assets and insurance. The lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company.

If the case is not resolved the lawyer should file a lawsuit against the dog owner. If their is insurance, they will step in and hire a lawyer to defend the owner. From that point forward the case will be in litigation. The dog bite owner will help prepare “discovery” which are questions and answers. The lawyer will also prepare and take depositions. If the case is not able to resolve at that that point, the case proceeds to try and if necessary appeal.

Does the Dog Bite Lawyer Sue the Dog Owner?

Yes, if the case is not able to be resolved before filing a lawsuit through negotiation then the next step would be that the Dog Bite lawyer file a lawsuit against the dog owner. Even if the dog owner has insurance the lawsuit is directly against the dog owner and the insurance company steps in to hire lawyers and defend the dog owner.

Does the Dog Bite Lawyer Sue The Insurance Company of the Dog Owner?

In California, the lawsuit is directly against the dog owner. Nevertheless if the dog owner has insurance and it is providing coverage, the insurance will step in and provide a defense that pay for any settlement or judgment. There are many variations and the situation changes based on the facts of the specific case. It’s best to consult with an attorney.

How Long Does it Take for the Dog Bite Lawyer to Get results?

The time it takes for a dog bite lawyer to get the case resolved varies. Some of the factors include:

  1. the extent of injury,
  2. whether the injuries have healed or have ongoing issues,
  3. the extent of lost earnings and what that’s going happen in the future,
  4. whether there’s any dispute including if there’s a dispute about who owns the dog,
  5. whether there is a dispute about what the victim was doing at the time of the incident.

For example, the case can take longer if the dog owner claims that the victim was taunting or doing something to provoke the dog. A dog bite lawyer will want to take the owner’s deposition to find out out the basis for their claim.

Usually it takes a few months before a case is settled because the bog bite lawyer wants to make sure that all your treatment has been properly evaluated and understood before negotiating. It also take some time to negotiate with the insurance company. On the other hand a dog bite lawsuit can take a year and a half to two years or more if there are a lot of issues in the case that need to be litigated or investigated.

Dog Bite Attorney Near Me

Often Dog Bite victims want to know of a dog bite attorney near them. Our office can handle dog bite cases throughout California and we’ve handled them in various cities and counties including Sacramento and San Bernardino.

Much of the initial work can be done through the Internet including ordering records and contacting animal control etc. When it comes to in person meeting, the attorney can fly or drive to meet you wherever you are which would include preparation for deposition.

The city that you’re in there might not have an experienced or qualified dog bite attorney and you don’t want to settle a mediocre attorney. Especially when you can have one and much of the work can be done remotely.